Uncertainty is a Part of Our Norm

Uncertainty is present in our day to day more than ever. Some are moving through it gently and others are in resistance. We really don’t get to control anything besides our approach. I feel like the big question is, what makes me feel safe? Do I feel like I can protect myself? It’s not all about masks, there has been such controversy over that one factor, many important psychological pieces have been missed.

Are we teaching our children role modeling, and the ability to speak up and do what feels safe by protecting them on their own individual level? Are we teaching them to educate themselves to make their own best decision and to trust that!

Are we coming together creating community or driving connections away? If you don’t believe what I believe are you against me!? You are either for me or against me!? People say, when will the world calm down? Is it really about the world calming down or are you finding calm in your world?

Every single person, every single day functions to the best of their ability according to their truth system. Read The Four Agreements if you haven’t yet. Here is the reality, every single person’s truth system differs because every single person has a different personal experience in life. To me it’s not about a pandemic of Covid, it’s about coming together in humanity.

We have been failing for years at teaching and role modeling the younger generations how to keep themselves protected and safe in love. We have taught each for their own, react out of fear or don’t react at all. Oh and by the way make sure someone else is taken care of before you.

Is it possible to put yourself first and still show love for humanity? I absolutely believe it is! The mother whose child has a compromised immune system to the healthy young adult, their choices can be respected because I know how to protect myself and they know how to protect themselves. I can walk away from someone if i don’t feel protected or i can engage with someone if i do feel protected. At times I feel people have forgotten the power of their choice because of all the buzz around what’s recommended. If quarantining feels safe then quarantine. If going about life feels safe then go about life.

I don’t have to be for you or against you, I will love you. I asked my children how school felt since the mask mandate, they shrugged their shoulders and said not much different. I believe my children will respond how I respond, they will follow my lead. They ask, should we wear a mask? I respond with the same question, should you? Will that help you feel safe? I love humanity.....still!!!

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