Apologize, say you are sorry.......

Something goes “bad” in the perspective of another and we are suppose to apologize. What if I am not sorry? What if I don’t believe I am in the wrong?

Can you be responsible for your part? Absolutely!!!! Does one person have to be responsible for the whole situation? Who’s fault is this? What’s it matter!? Can everyone have a part!?

We walk around constantly sorry. Sorry for missing your call. Sorry for saying the wrong thing. Sorry I showed up, sorry I didn’t show up.

What if we quit being apologetic for being loyal to ourselves!? I don’t think many people even know what that could mean or look like! Here is a biggie, sorry for being a female on the rise in this masculine culture!!!! I’m sorry, I’m not sorry because that is NOT good enough. It’s not good enough to be just enough, be more! Be better! Be bigger! BE.....

I’m not sorry I am connected to my feminine and masculine energy. I can find balance. I won’t back down from battle, I won’t start battle either. I will hold your softly, I’ll hold me softly. I will also hold your feet to the fire, I’ll hold my feet to the fire.

Quit apologizing for bullshit!!!

Bring it on in, bring it on home, bring it into your being........

I am worried they don’t like me.......

I will fail......

I might upset someone.....

I don’t want to cause conflict.....

Man, the list could be long!!!!!

Bring the question back to you, what’s that say about me!? Then what...... Then what...... what’s that say about me?

If I am so worried about everyone else, what’s that say about me?

Can I believe I am a good person? I am good to me and I am good to others.

Can I believe I am loyal? I am loyal to me first and I am loyal to others. I tell people it’s easy for animals to be loving and loyal because they only know to give that to themselves first then it’s comes naturally to give to others.

Can I believe I am........I am for me first then others. Let me guess your automatic thought is, that’s selfish!? It’s selfish to love myself first. It’s selfish to make sure I am stable first. It’s selfish to take care of my needs.

And that’s why I am an amazing coach, I love myself first therefore I have plenty to love others with.

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