The real party!!!  

Can I get another round of chaos, please!? 

I went through some toxic, substance-abusing relationships in my early 20s got married, got divorced, had an affair, and pretty much was a wrecking ball. 

Interestingly enough life didn’t get easier when I turned 21 or I was out on my own. Nope, Ijust got to make more bad choices that now involved others making bad choices. Boy howdy did I feel like the superhero when I bailed my boyfriend out of jail for a DUI, only to get even thicker into a plot twist. Hello, co-dependency! If you didn’t know I was here before you really know now. 

 But curiously enough I was highly functional it appeared in my college and work life. I did all this and got a masters! I know, crazy!!! It still shocks me!! Be that good girl! Make people proud! 

Of course, what’s the next to do, GET MARRIED! Woohoo, now we have two dysfunctional individuals who take an oath and are bound together by law. He thought he could save me. When he realized his agenda would not be fulfilled, he attempted to break me down emotionally and physically. So, where does a co-dependent, party girl turn, the bar! Starving for love in a bar and drinking and bang I’m having an affair. So, so much shame could have eaten me alive. 

You know what though, I can reflect, and it just solidifies how much God has my back! After every hurricane comes a rainbow. 

Come as you are convo…

The signs were there for me in high school, nothing changed when I got out on my own, how are we helping young people rise to their beauty in place of falling to the toxic cycle? 

 Also, how does the cycle get stopped before it starts? How are we missing co-dependency in the younger generations? 

We are in a time of trial, all the access with phones have only heightened this. Seriously, thank God social media was not alive and well during my time on chaos corner!

Can we raise our children to never settle if all they see around them are adults settling for less than the best in their own life?

Do as I say not as I do, is that crazy idea still out there!!?? 

Ignorance is bliss......

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