The Foundaation

I am one sober sister these days. I went from being the life of the party, the one who was putting parties together, bringing wildness to the table or maybe I should say on top of the bar table. It was nothing for me to get on top of a bar and shake my tail feathers. For Pete’s sake, I won $1000.00 doing exactly that at a rock festival. 

I started drinking at the age of 13. I specifically remember the night. I was in the 7th grade, my boyfriend broke up with me, and two of my friends were sleeping over. Because Lord knows when you are 13 and your boyfriend breaks up with you it’s a fuss. Well, I walked out of the room and told my friends let’s get drunk. My friends entertained the idea, trying to be cool, but quickly put on the breaks because cheap Gin is disgusting! Ever drank Pine-Sol!? Well, cheap Gin would fit into that category! I drank so much I puked. While I was pretty much passed out, they cared for me and covered for me when my folks got home. Sure, I didn’t do that again for a couple of years but then high school hit. 

Throughout high school, I continued to drink and created a lot of my life around that in small-town eastern Montana. What can I say….it was the culture and I wanted to be in it. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t my WHOLE life. I did play basketball, but when that was done, I knew what I’d be doing on the weekends. 

Why was I different? When my friends stopped, and I didn’t! 

How does substance become a protector so easily? 

Where do we see how to build a relationship with substance? 

Come as you are convo. 

It’s learned through observation. There’s an unspoken piece to this. No one has to tell you, there are even times no one has to show you. My children have addiction from family genetics. The real truth of the matter is this, even though my husband and I choose to be sober, they may not. 

It is in our genetics when we have family members that share addiction. It is important to talk to your kids early if addiction is in your family line. This day and age I struggle to not find it. Be real! Talk about it. Don’t let this be the elephant in the room. There are too many of those already that we have no control over. 

Our society does NOT do sobriety justice, at least not in small-town Montana where I have lived most of my life. So much…so, so much is normalized! Dirt roads and a cold beer go hand in hand. 

What are YOU doing on an individual wellness level!?

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