Protecting Your Energy

I have to admit summer is a hard time for me to keep myself together. There is a lot going on, it’s fast paced, a lot of socializing, and with that comes more drinking.

I have struggled this summer, I am struggling, the struggling isn’t over.

I feel myself wiped out on Mondays because weekends are packed. I have a hard time releasing all the energy I pick up. And honestly, I am having a hard time not drinking. I feel vulnerable, I feel others shame trying to activate my shame, I have absorbed too much, my boundaries have weakened. I am not protecting my energy.

Have you noticed you are such a sensitive individual? Whether it is people, energy, food, or drinks and sometimes it’s exhausting. The more in tune you are the more you feel the smallest shifts.

So, here I am today to discuss, how do sensitive individuals protect their energy?

  1. 1. get enough sleep
  2. 2. drink plenty of water
  3. 3. stay anchored in your breath
  4. 4. avoid mind altering substances
  5. 5. take space, spend some time alone to re ground
  6. 6. place a beautiful platinum protection bubble around you. you do not take in anything from anyone else
  7. 7. salt baths are a huge must!!!
  8. 8. connect to God, pray

You cannot do it all, all the time. But pick a few to focus on. with some effort balance will be reinstalled into your life. Our systems are continuously seeking balance, that is what they ultimately desire.

When we get too concerned about other people’s feelings and responses, we lose sight of our own needs. It is ok to say no, it is ok to take a break, you have permission to serve yourself first.

I played softball last weekend. A teammate and I had a run in over chasing down a ball. As we left the field I apologized for my part. He said to me, so you are going to look out for your feelings before mine. My response to him was, “yes, every time I will take care of my feelings first.” Some may feel this is selfish, some may view this as admirable, it does not matter to me your opinion. The bottom line is you take care of you first then the rest will fall into place.

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