No Goals Here

I am not big on the words New Years Resolution, it reminds me of a blog I read many years ago by Mark Manson: Your Goals Are Overrated.

I am all about lifestyle and everyone seems to be on the boat for lifestyle changes at the beginning of the new year. Ok great, lets run with it!

When we feel called to shift something in our life we are doing it as an attempt to create a lifestyle... yet at some point we set ourselves up for failure because we get these big ideas, get all motivated, then frustrated when we can't keep up with them all and say screw it. I would say everyone is pretty aware that the stats for New Years Resolutions suck. In fact, according to this Forbes article, 80% of resolutions FAIL.

So, how can we make small shifts to find alignment?

This year I'm few things differently. I am taking the WHOLE month of January to lean into what I am calling in for 2022. I make this a ritual or ceremony with myself and it better be fun, because if it is not fun then what is the point?

1. I created categories around areas of life I want to be intentional about.

2. I meditate around a word or a few words that are capturing my attention.

3. I wrote myself a letter I can read back on while I am feeling motivated and powerful, connecting to the feeling I want to feel at the end of the year.

4. I envision myself at the end of the year in my most aligned state. Keep reading to the end to read the letter I wrote to myself.

5. I keep it all simple; I don’t force myself to make it happen or be a certain way or punish myself for not hitting goals.

6. I reached out to a friend to join me in ceremony of feeling into 2022.

Regardless of what you decide for your start to a new year it should be pleasurable. You deserve to have pleasure in your life as you create the life you want to live.

This all boils down to a lifestyle shift, so there is going to be a curve. Imagine moving from Montana to Hawaii. That would take time and a learning curve; that type of lifestyle shift wouldn't happen overnight. Just like the small intentional changes in our life take consistent, patient effort, your desires and goals can't just be written down on January 1 and the next day you wake up and everything has changed.

I am intentionally focusing on small daily shifts because I will enjoy the result. If forcing yourself to do something doesn't give you all the warm and fuzzy feelings, DON'T DO IT! Focus on the little things you want to shift and envision yourself and your life at the end of this year in that space. 

I love you all so much and I want you to live your very best life!!!!

"Dear me,

I am, she who is self lead. In this year of 2022 I commit myself so devoted. So devoted to my own self, so in love with my own self that nothing can get in the way of that. I am a leader who is meant to lead leaders. I am safe in being bold and committed to going up against what I don’t agree with. I know I am seen as a pillar of strength and I will continue to allow myself to lean into that with fear but doing it anyway. I do not need to see the way to know the way. I can trust what comes up in my body as I travel the path. I commit to doing that through meditation, listening, writing, Boundaries, balance. The things I am willing to find balance for my life is first and foremost God, myself, my husband, my children, my friends, business. And that is the order a priority. I will continue to accept my calling of being one of those who goes into battle for the generations behind me and before me. I will do so knowing that when God is with me no one can be against me. I will glorify God through it all. I know I’m one of the chosen ones to be a changemaker. I know this because I can feel it in my body. I am strong I am bored I am fierce I am a warrior I am soft I am open my heart is big. I write this letter to myself so that I can remind myself what I truly stand for and moments of doubt. I am the heroine in my own life that I love to see in movies. I love you.


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