New Moon

New moon this Saturday is in Pisces. New moon sits in the same sign as the season unlike the full moon, therefore it's double the impact. Sun and moon meet in the sky to create a powerful time to advance yourself. New moon is the darkest phase of the moon with the moon blacked out. The moon is energy of Yin, which is an energy of being, stillness, quiet, the energy of feminine. The sun is energy of Yang, which is doing, the energy of masculine.

The meeting of Yin and Yan creates a force allowing for new beginnings!! The cosmos line up to support us in a change we may NEED or may want. When the energy in the universe supports creation of newness the pieces potentially fall together with the least resistance. What do you want or need to change?

We are taking charge of our life by telling the Universe, not letting the circumstances in the Universe take charge of us. How would it feel to empower yourself in the change you seek in the life you live?

This can be a restless time for people, as we are asked to face our discomforts, asked to take action, ask to create harmony which means facing our imbalances.

We are a culture conditioned in finding worth through the doing, what if i told you there is worth in BEING!?

Below you will find questions to guide your reflection and action from Spirit Daughter. If you don’t know Spirit Daughter you should, find it online at

What is it like for you to just be? Comfortable or uncomfortable?

What are some activities that allow a “be” state or lack of activities?

How can you give yourself permission to be?

What helps you observes the energies and emotions that present themselves? What keeps you in a responsive state and not getting lost in a reactive state?

What does intuition look like? feel like? where do I feel safest to trust my intuition?

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