Mirror Mirror 

Mirror mirror on the wall how do others show you who you are after all!?

Who am I, the GOLDEN question!

Have you ever stopped to consider we are all mirrors of each other?

Certain people we feel we can really vibe with, others we really feel like we can’t get away fast enough.

I will often say, you speak my language to people I feel like I align with. When I feel an emotional disruption in an interaction I attempt to step back, sometimes this takes me a beat or DAYS, I see exactly in them what i can’t stand about myself. My anger, my frustration, my sadness, my experience is trying to teach me a lesson about me. this then has the potential to lead me down a path of shame and i continue to stay in a toxic relationship. HELLO co-dependency.

Or it is an opportunity for growth and healing. it is an opportunity to not misplace my emotional experience on someone else but to ask myself, what’s this say about me? what does this mean for me? an opportunity to own my own life and healing.

So what does this all mean in the human experience?

Well what it means is we have the potential to learn from all the experiences we have as we cross paths with people on their own personal journey. it means when we see something in someone else we dislike it gives us the opportunity to heal within ourselves.

Questions for inner healing

  • Is this my energy or someone else?
  • What is this feelings?
  • Where do I feel it in my body?
  • What does this belief, emotion, sensation say about me?
  • What is the lesson?

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