Lost in the Wilderness

How old were you when you lost track of yourself and life became about everyone else? When did you get lost in the wilderness?

At times I find myself shocked by the lack of deserving women carry for themselves. We are warrior women! we are meant for greatness......Yet this gets missed all too often. Who's your best friend? My 7-year-old would often ask me this, I always responded with, your daddy. one day she asked me, I am thinking in my head, how many times do we have to go over this, but I play along. This time she said something different, she looked me straight in the eye and said, why aren’t you your best friend!? I was held up in my tracks right now!

The thing is, no one ever role modeled or taught us being loyal to ourselves, to honoring the voice within. we are all still walking around like toddlers in this new idea and trying to go against so much of what culturally we have learned and witnessed. I have felt this pull to guide women in rising, I never really understood why I was being called for that, there are so many women helping women I want to do something different. in the last three months I have seen exactly why. it doesn’t matter there are already a number of women in the field of bringing forth the power in feminism because for every one woman who has done her own work and is in a position to help others there are 5 women in need of guidance, desperately searching for their way out of the woods.

What do you know about being loyal to yourself?

Well I can share what I know

  1. 1.  It takes work, internally and externally
  2. 2.  There isn’t a cookie cutter shape, we are all meant to carry a different shape
  3. 3.  Being real with yourself is the only way! being honest about you to you
  4. 4.  You just learn to sit with yourself quietly
  5. 5.  Your body is your friend, listen to what she is telling you
  6. 6.  You won’t please everyone around you any longer
  7. 7.  And you are NOT selfish, you are a human with needs just like everyone else

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