I never blog....

Do we give ourselves enough credit for the constant, I have nevers in our life, first timing it!?

  • I have never opened a business like this........a yoga studio with a storefront and overhead.
  • I have never attempted to adjust my schedule to my children’s distance learning, then try to parent, teach, work, and housekeep all on the same day.
  • I have never had my husband unexpectedly have a job transition not knowing where our family’s insurance is going to come from.
  • I have never been investigated by the Department of Justice.

What are the lessons and the growth from our, I have never moments!?

Change can be incredibly exciting and uncomfortable. I'm heavily in both during this phase of my life.

Plus I am trying to not social drink.....again!!!!!

Wow, take a breath there. go big or go home!!!

How often do you sit with yourself to find, to really look at, I have never?

How often do you have compassion for yourself? Or gave yourself a little or a lot of credit?

It seems from my observation people tend to be quick to offer compassion to others, “take it easy on yourself.” But when it comes to offer yourself the same compassion, well it seems the boat is often missed.

So my question is this, how to learn compassion within ourselves to ourselves?

As a coach by the end of our coaching experience my hope is to build you up.

So during those moments of doubt, criticism, fear, questioning, you stop yourself and remember

I WAS MADE FOR THIS!!!! I was made to grow through this discomfort and rise!!!

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