I Don't Dance

I don’t dance with darkness.

To me, there is a difference between dancing with dark energy and spiritual warfare. I am very much in spiritual warfare as a child of Christ. I have to deal with my shadows.

Recently I was visiting with a team member about an upcoming program. I told her I wanted to charge $666. She had a response that made me curious; she told me people associate that number with Satan. I was immediately curious as this is something that has never crossed my mind. I do like to be specific with numbers. I believe they carry an energetic frequency, which is a topic we could spend a whole lot of time on but that's a blog post for another day. Six is the number for me to use according to a numerology ritual, so I was using 6s in reflection of that. I'm sure you've seen 11:11 on the clock and someone has told you to make a wish. 

I also believe numbers are associated with angels and keep me in connection with God. I do not allow myself to think in terms of satanic forces because each time I do, I send an invitation to the darkness like, "Hey! I am thinking of you but don’t come over, ok!?" Where our attention goes, our energy flows.

I stay connected to what is pure and holy. Everything is what we make of it; if we make it into good energy that’s what it will be. If we make it into dark energy that is what it will be. You will definitely know the difference as well, you'll even be able to feel it. Are your thoughts light and optimistic or dark and negative? Do you see the world as a safe thriving place or dangerous and unsafe?

The beauty is that YOU get to choose….

The more I have healed, dropped down into my own body, the more I have been able to stay in higher frequency. As a business coach once taught me, frequency first. I used to be that person who believed the world was bad and unsafe. I used to be that person who always thought the worst about situations, myself and others. I used to be that person who did dance with darkness in my shame. I drank too much, I was a hot angry mess, I had no problem verbally attacking people. I definitely have my colorful past.

Then as I started to feel this disruption in me more and more I had to make some changes. I quit playing the victim in my own life and started claiming my high vibe. I started healing and the path continues to be laid my friends.

Here are the ways I stay protected, I want you to utilize them too.

1. Full armor of God

2. Prayer

3. Staying hydrated

4. Staying rested

5. Abstaining from mind altering substances and that includes sugar!

6. Meditation

7. Burn sage or paleo santos

8. Staying on my healing path

9. Choosing my mind set!!!

Sending you love and light,


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