Hide Away

I can’t hide away from myself anymore. I can’t hide from the fact I am meant to be different and this scares the hell out of me.

Where did we learn to hide? How did this become part of our conditioning?

Hide from our struggles? Hide from our pains? Hide from ourselves?

Are people scared of greatness? Is greatness threatening to others or myself?

Something I feel in myself and hear from others, what if I fail? Then what? And that what if is enough to keep us quiet, keep us hidden.....

What would I do, what would you do, if you knew failure was not an option? Would you be more willing to show up?

It occurred to me the other day, it all comes down to existence. existence in our own life. what feeds your sense of existence? What robs you of a sense of existence?

The golden question, who am I? Is it really who am I or is it what makes me feel like I exist!?

It’s all over the tv, social media like that is the meaning of existence. some people associate money, appearance, who you know with existence. Can existence come from connection within? Connection to something bigger than ourselves? Is it enough to love yourself so deeply nothing of the external word represents your existence?

So many questions, so much to ponder.....

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