Healing is Messy

I am a hot mess more than I am not. Healing is messy. It is messy although the mess doesn’t consume me.

This is all a part of vulnerability which leads us to our 8 Cs of self energy: curious, compassionate, creative, confident, courageous, connected, calm, clarity.......

The elements of the 8 Cs are what help heal us, which then requires vulnerability.

I cried all last week. I was tired. I was sad. I was mad. I was fully in it. When this happens I know when the hurricane is over, there is going to be a rainbow. This summer has been like no other for so many!!!

The thing is though, I have to lean into the discomfort. I have to feel EVERYTHING! I don’t get to avoid or deny. I have to lean in. I hold compassion for myself. I stay connected. One place in life that is an incredible blessing is a healthy support system.

Do you ever stop and remind yourself that these are some of the best days of our life? Truly, I believe this! This time of year will never be like any other time of year. Sure, we get every season yearly but that’s why it’s called a season. It comes and goes. We are also in seasons of life. Stop, enjoy the ride, and laugh as often as possible.

And this is why I am a great coach. I am honest. I let myself feel the growth to allow others to feel the growth. I am not perfect. I am slowly shedding that “be a good girl” shame I carry. I am here for you to not be that good girl, but for you to be that growing girl, as messy as it is.

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