Go To Battle

What battles shame?

What’s the opposite of shame?

If everyone that has the capacity to feel has shame what do we do with that?

Well, here’s what I believe. We battle shame with compassion. The opposite of shame is vulnerability and the shame birthplace of shame comes vulnerability.

Vulnerability? What’s this even mean for me?

It means we are real. We are real with our feelings. We are real with hard decisions. We are real with “I love you's.” We are real with “I am mad at you.”

Children only know vulnerability until they know pain. Then we move into the space of protection, losing sight of our first commitment, to ourselves. Lose sight of listening to within, lose sight of the purity we were born with.

Compassion for ourselves, compassion for others. In place of judgement, shame on you, we hold the capacity to say, I can hold space for that or for you.

We allow ourselves to be gentle and hold space for the good times, for the hard times. We resist the urge to shame ourselves, step away from the inner critic.

We know better, we do better. we grow, we blossom, we step out into the unknown. We become familiar with uncertainty to embrace blind faith, trust, surrender. we be, we will, we do.........

We are brave, we are bold, we are real, we are raw. We will show up and show out. We will lead by example even when the rest of the crowd isn’t following. We are willing to take the first step, make the last decision.

We love, we lift, we are liberated through our vulnerability!!!!  

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