Do you make agreements with yourself?

 ...Plot twist 

 Then HELLO, guess what happened!!?? 

Freshly divorced, drinking like I just turned 21 and bang I’m pregnant with a guy I have known for 6 weeks! WAKE UP CALL!! 

I quickly had to get sober. My life as I knew it came to a halt! I made an agreement with myself: do NOT make big decisions while pregnant. I didn’t know if he would stick around. I didn’t know if I would want to raise a child with him. That man, who was the father of my child, is now my husband. HEY, another confirmation, God has me. We had a son who lights up our world. I looked at that baby in the clear bassinet and realized what a forgiving God I serve. 

My whole relationship with my Savior changed. 

My husband and I lost a baby, had another baby, own a home together, built a cow herd up, created a successful business, live by the Lord, and will continue to thrive. 

I was terrified to marry again, although I quickly realized that we have two babies. He is in my life whether it’s legal or not.  

Come as you are convo

In those times in our life when we think life can’t get any more mucky, but it does, do you see this as a blessing or as a curse? How does your perspective create huge driving force of energy, making or breaking the experience?

Can unexpected circumstances really be exactly what you need?  

I made a huge agreement with myself, no big decisions while pregnant, do you know those times in your life when it was important to just observe for a while? 

Who was scared out of their mind to be a parent for the first time!? 

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