Connect to the Skin You Are In

Have you ever thought every experience you have leaves an imprint on your body? In your nervous system, in your muscle, in your tissues, in your energetic body? 

Have you ever thought about the fact our first language upon being born is somatic, body? Infants listen to their body, when their body is uncomfortable they communicate with their caregiver until comfort is found. 

How do we get so disconnected over time? 

We get lost in our mind, we begin to lose touch with what is happening in the inside. Everything becomes a thinking process not a feeling process. 

Our body is a beautiful, complex, yet simple sacred space, yet so many find themselves disconnected. Some find resentment and shame in their body, a sense of betrayal.

In order us to be a balanced being our mind, our body, our heart all need to be a part of the process. I feel it’s safe to say we are all seeking harmony and balance. Balance requires equal use of the whole system. 

The body is the first to respond to our experiences. We get scared our muscles tighten. We get excited we feel energized. The sensations within give the signals.

In order to reach our fullest potential we allow for our body to be involved. It’s not by chance the yoga industry is booming. It’s not by chance we feel better with exercise. How we treat our body is a direct statement to our own self worth. 

So how do we make it a daily practice to connect, here is a simple morning routine to get started ......

  • 1. First and foremost always our breath. Bring all of your attention to the air moving in and out of your body. Anytime a thought arises just begin again with the breath.
  • 2. In the morning when you wake up, lay in bed for a moment, notice your breath, then notice your body laying comfortably supported my the surface beneath you. Bring all your senses to the experience, notice what you hear, see, feel on your skin. Find three things to be grateful towards.
  • 3. As you get out of bed notice the bottoms of your feet. Notice the feeling of connecting to the space below. And if you even want to be adventurous balance a little on each foot. 
  • 4. While in the shower allow for the water to hit your body, as the water hits your body become aware of what part of your body the water is hitting, I can feel the stream of water hit my shoulder, hit my chest, so on and so forth. Bring it all together; breath, body, bottoms of the feet. 

As you do this keep a curious mind and just notice. At first you might not notice much, just like when we first start anything new, but with consistency your mind and body will be in communication. Welcome to a whole new way of doing life!!! You will be curious, courageous, confident, calm, connected, clear, compassionate, creative!!! You will become your own best leader! 

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