Chasing Ghosts

I recently started reading Glennon Doyle’s book untamed. She speaks of a ghost we chase, this ghost is perfect in every way shape and form. that really sat with me as I have been talking about the unapologetic self. And it would seem to make sense to me that everyone’s ghost is different because everybody is trying to protect in their own unique way through a belief of what perfect looks like. Yet it would make sense to me as well everyone’s ghost is the same as we are all searching for something that doesn’t exist and is a symbol of perfectionism.

If we were willing to quit ghost hunting what would be on the other side? What is on the other side of perfection? Imperfection? And if we were willing to embrace our imperfection what would come with that?

In a piece of literature I read today the author speaks of compassion for all people because we ourselves have been willing to walk among our own shadows. If we are willing to look at our own imperfections and we are willing to embrace this does this mean we can hold more compassion for ourselves and others?

Has it ever occurred to you our inner critic the part of us that does chase the ghost of perfection is actually the haunting of our own shame? Have you ever thought to yourself that you live in a life of shame as you brow beat yourself? 

The only way through that is love. Shame cannot hold its ground if we bring it to the light and into the love. I tend to compare shame to the fantasy creature of a vampire, it will suck the life force out of you put you into darkness but once drawn Into the light it will go up in ashes. 

Something I do as I come into contact with any living being whether it’s human animal and plant sun moon sky is greet them with a silent Namaste, the spirit in me sees the spirit in you. When I honor Each being I am able to open my heart and see it as the blessing God intended it to be. So simple, so powerful, so needed in the world we’re living in right now. 

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