BRAVE, Being uncomfortable to the core

This is a post I wrote after I laid my best fur friend to rest. I still feel moved by the words as I recall the experience in my body.

The word brave has been running through my mind lately. A word that symbolizes so much in so many different spectrums.

For me, I don’t feel like I have really faced the depths of brave in the raw to its deepest level in my life until 2019. I have had life circumstances that were hard in the past but I don’t know that I have ever faced them straight on like this.

In 2019 I have quit drinking, helped build a massive playground, and laid my best friend to be at rest. I realized for me bravery is moving forward even with every single fiber of your being screaming NO, NO, F’ NO in rage to pleading, please no, please, please can’t this just stop but always knowing the struggle is for the greater good!

Even though so many parts of me could have called it’s quits I didn’t quit because I KNOW it’s for the greater good! I pray, man I have never prayed so much and so hard in my life.

God laid it on my heart to be a part of the playground committee, as we got closer to building I became increasingly more filled with dread. I prayed. I prayed for the battles we would face because it’s been a battle and I knew there would be more, I prayed for what God wanted me to learn, I prayed for His favor. The playground build was one of the most rewarding things I have done in life! I learned so much about myself, about people, about life all because of God.

I made the choice to put Telly down. She had megaesophagus therefore she would throw up a majority of what she ate and drank. We tried to medicate her, she had vet stays, we tested her for the disease that may be causing it but she wasn’t getting better. One evening I gave her the medicine and she threw it right back up, at that moment I realized “how am I going to get her better!?” A short time later she told me she couldn’t anymore. I had been hand feeding her and on that night when I sat on the floor to feed her she turned her head to me. I knew she deserved peace.

Come as you are convo

So what is brave to you? Have you really ever sat down to realize all the situations in life you were brave!? I have close friends that are police officers, they choose brave every day. I have friends with sick babies, they choose brave. The list could go on and on of the bravery I see in people as they give me the privilege to witness their stories. Stop for a moment, find the brave in you! Lift your LITE!More Resources

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