Be a Generous Lover

I recently made a post asking people to give me their reflection of what they feel I offer, and I was shocked by what I received from that. I received the reflection people see me as love, and I must admit, I have not really ever seen myself as that. I just don’t see myself as America’s sweetheart, I just don’t see myself as sweet. But I do see myself as generous- a generous lover.

I have spent hours, mountains of energy, infinites of love, my heart and my passion on creating my first master class. I have meditated and prayed on the message from Spirit to send me the words, the feeling, the purpose, the change this will bring to everyone and anyone I can touch. I have created from my sacral chakra womb healing and love; in other words I have asked the loving mother in me to love the world through what I am about to offer, what I have been modeling and I am ready to show up as the love you all see me as!!!

This masterclass will hit all the main intentions of my own life experience, as The One who is self lead in my life experience. Some of you may know what these are and some may not: hydration, body fuel, sleep, meditation, body movement. I will share my personal story to my why- the bigger the why the easier the how. I have come to realize I have not been very good at sharing much of my personal past and I am going to work on that. If you want the juicy details be sure to join the live version in my class. I am going to share my tricks to making sure I set myself up to be successful, to feel successful. I will be going into what stops us, our shadow parts, our barriers, our mental paradigms. This then begins to create clarity around our yes and no, and we are all different in our clarity so I am here to guide you in finding your way to your prosperity.

This foundation and knowledge is of the utmost importance because it’s the beginnings to our prosperity, our wealth. I had a coach tell me, frequency first, and these small choices create a compound effect to something much bigger- our wealth in all areas of our life.

I am so eager to co-create with you!!! I am so excited to create something TOGETHER!!! We can do hard things but we can’t do hard things alone and come out on top. You and me, we can do hard things together.

I am about to say something that is going to blow your mind!!!


THIS IS ALL FREE!!!! Yes, all free! This shocks you because you aren’t use to receiving, this shocks you because may you have received but there have been unspoken conditions. This shocks you because maybe you haven’t been being generous enough with yourself.

Why is this all free you may be asking, like is there something lurking in the shadows. It’s all free because I am a generous lover and I want you to live your most prosperous life.

I love you, I love me, I love us, I love the collective.

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