All I want for Christmas is NOT to feel overwhelmed!

Who can relate to the title of this blog!?

So much consumerism, so much stimulation, so many demands, so much unspoken pressure, so so so so so so much!!!!!

Christmas although so joyful can be so triggering. Are you available for some feedback on this!?

Let’s keep talking…..

I believe this is deeply rooted in a scarcity mindset, the mindset of never enough.

Never enough money.

Never enough time.

Never enough OF ME!!!!

Translating this into, I am not enough!!! And I am not enough is a core shame story and ROBS you of your joy.

This Christmas my husband asked me if we wanted to put up outside lights, I was all about it!! I really enjoy the holiday spirit, and the lights I enjoy the most. We go to the store to get the supplies, we have nothing. When I saw how much it was I was thoroughly surprised and had a whole new respect for people who go all out!!! The old scarcity mindset would have signaled UNSAFE all around. I would have been triggered becoming irritated and telling myself then my family we really don’t need this, and even though I would know this would bring me joy, I would talk myself out of that internal joy.

My abundance mindset told me, I AM WORTH IT!! I am still safe, I have more than enough, and damn it, myself and my family deserve to feel the glee each time we pull up to our house and see the beautiful lights shining bright.

What changed? 

I did.

My mindset, my attitude……

How do we allow ourselves be in a state of having enough?

1. I am aware of my patterns because I have been willing to look at them and my limiting beliefs. I have hired professional help because I deserve to be supported.

2. I hold a strong set of simple statements I say to myself: I am safe, I am protected, I am enough, the list could go on.

3. I BREATH!!!

4. I remind myself of what I do have, not what I don’t have; some may call this a gratitude practice.

The intention on our healing journey is not to have to deal with any fears or shame or guilt again. The intention is to recognize what’s going on and use our own internal medicine to make clear choices. We know when we are triggered and we then know what works to sooth and we keep moving allowing ourselves to embrace joy daily. 

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