Addicted to Chaos?

Let’s be really real here, everyone is addicted to something, what’s your addiction?

Have you been willing to be that honest with yourself?

Some people’s addictions are more noticeable than others, some people’s are more destructive than others. There are the obvious ones: alcohol, drugs, gambling........what about the addition to toxicity? toxic people? toxic emotions? toxic events? constant crisis? People so often want to change yet the comfort of being in their shit outweighs the discomfort of facing their shit.

I have been a therapist for 13 years and in the mental health field for 18 years, I have seen my fair amount of shit storms, yet people just keep replaying and replaying. When is enough, enough? When are we going to see the sacred meaning of life? start moving towards healing, letting go of anxiety, anger, control, drama? You are your own worst victim when you don’t take the Initiative.

So, what does it mean to take initiative? Well, it probably means doing everything you have been avoiding. But where do we start? where do we start when we are a culture that THRIVES on the turmoil. Well, my own suggestion is starting with what feels the easiest, maybe that is simply noticing your breath go in and go out. These are what I view as the key to my wellbeing:

1. Breathing. yeah, yeah I know we breathe all day every day, thank your brain stem for that. I mean when I breathe in I notice what that feels like throughout my body when I breathe out I notice what that feels like in my body. I can do that anywhere, anytime. I also sit silently with my breath at least once 10 minutes a day, you would not believe how much attention this brings to what you need to admit to yourself!

2. Believing in something bigger than myself. the way I keep connected is through nature, I am so incredibly blessed to live in the most beautiful state. I acknowledge the sky, the clouds, the trees, the ground, the animals. I also read something related to God daily and pray often.

3. Moving my body. I have to move my body with awareness and freely more days than not. It's not about kicking ass at the gym or how much can I lift, it’s about the feelings and freedom to swing my hips if that what compels me. I classify moving my body as yoga, dance, gym, whatever feels good and makes me aware.

4. I drink a lot of liquids. I drink water, healthy tea, kombucha, anything that makes me feel hydrated.

5. And I try to write, I am not always so good about this but I try. I journal what comes up with my breath, wins for the day, what I am grateful for. This has been a new daily intention for the new year.

I love you all. I am not here to criticize or judge, but I am here to make you uncomfortable enough to provoke some thoughts and maybe instill motivation to start somewhere. and that’s why I am a great coach, discomfort promotes CHANGE!!!!

So much love,


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