Have you ever felt that magic inside of you?

That is magic we all possess! Sometimes your magic can get covered by the layers of life-ing. It's ready to come out and show the world it's beauty. With a little guidance, movement, and love it can!

We Offer Coaching programs to help you Be more productive, available, and wise-minded in your day-to-day life.

All programs are customized to you and your specific needs. To get started, schedule your free consultation.

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Do you desire to feel connected to greatness?

Do you feel connected to greatness yet you can't quite integrate this feeling into your day to day life?

Maybe you feel stuck?

You want more, you yearn for more, you know there is more than what you currently are experiencing.

You keep getting in your own way!

Hello, I'm Crystal!

I am here to get to the bottom of your depths to release you from these invisible holds.

Making sense of life is messy, it’s beautiful, it’s intense, it’s freeing. Life gets trials and tribulations but it’s not what has happened to you, it’s what you want to do with this, how you want to grow. Our subconscious can be this invisible barrier we can’t see from the current lens in life we are wearing. With my outside lens, I'm able to see this barrier for you and bold enough to guide you on the journey of birthing your best self. We are our own best healers when given the means.

Are you ready to become your own best healer and connect to greatness?

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Light itself cannot be seen. We become aware of its presence when it enables us to see other things.

All programs are customized to you based on your specific needs. I never want cost to be the reason you don't get the help you desire. I'm happy to accomodate a variety of budgets to get you the help and support to move you towards your fulfilling life. Get started by scheduling a free first session 

Kind Words from My Clients

(anonymous for privacy)

"I have known Crystal as a therapist, healer and friend. She has a gift for gently pinpointing the root cause of an issue and then guiding you into healing it. She knows that problems are held in the mind, body and spirit and her gift is in working with all three aspects, the whole person, to facilitate growth and change at all levels. Crystal uses love and clarity to assist her clients in transforming into fuller, more open and more powerful versions of themselves. I would describe Crystal's process as empathy, love and healing. It truly is a mind body healing that will take you to fuller levels of being, experiencing and joyfully living life."
"You are amazingly fierce and with that quality comes a heart full of passion and powerful intensity with a touch of the wild side with a wonderful free spirit that touches those around you. The strength, love, and compassion you show to those who cross your path is so authentic, how could one not be moved by that. You have a way of interrupting an unhealthy flow for those you work with as well as with your loved ones, that a person’s journey is sure to soar! I personally and professional have felt this profoundly!"
"The support and healing crystal has guided me through has been incredible! She is intuitively guided to the exact areas that I need help with the most. Her no nonsense approach and practical guidance is a breath of fresh air. I would recommend Crystal to anyone seeking to take their life to the next level!"
"Crystal is love. She sees very quickly into the heart of a person and helps them to find their path. Whatever the struggle or concern, Crystal has a fresh perspective that understands and utilizes both medical and holistic methods of moving forward. I recommend Crystal wholeheartedly."

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